We take our Geocaching Apps off the market

Unfortunately, we have to inform you that with effect from 20.07.2018 we are discontinuing the development and operation of our popular geocaching tools. The data protection provisions of the GDPR and the unsatisfactory demands of Groundspeak force us to take this radical step, which we deeply regret.

Affected are only the following apps that have appeared under the label “DEVCOM Networks”.

AMAZE Lite (Android & iOS)
AMAZE PRO (Android & iOS)

TJ.Hooker Lite (Android)
TJ.Hooker PRO (Android)

GeoFormel Lite (Android) (WP 7)
GeoFormel PRO (Android)
GeoFormel PC (Windows)
GeoFormel Web (www platform)

Watch GEOFriends (Android & iOS)


All apps developed by Thorsten under the label Looking4Cache have nothing to do with it. They are developed further, and are NOT affected!

We say thank you to all our customers who have used our apps.