Geocaching Tools

“The right tool at the right time”


For several years now, we have been developing tools for geocachers.
Originally under the name DEVCOM-Networks, we have programmed several helpers that make it easier to find a geocache and to contact other geocachers.
A detailed description of the tools and the requirements for use can be found in the respective App Store. Not all tools for Andoid and iOS smartphones are available yet, but we are working on closing those gaps.

Please note that all of our geocaching apps (for the platform) use the Geocaching Live API. Due to the large information requests, a PREMIUM MEMBERSHIP of makes sense!





As the name implies, this is a formula calculation tool for on the way.

With the help of GeoFormel you can easily solve formulas with several unknowns. On the website formulas can be copied from the Groundspeak page directly into a database, and then filled with data in the app. This will save a lot of paper and time waste.
Not only that – GeoFormel also offers the possibility to control the calculated coordinates directly via a built-in map function.

GeoFormel uses the MAMA offline maps directly via an interface.

In Kürze auch für iOS verfügbar
Coming soon for iOS






TJ. Hooker

Anyone who has ever needed help with a cache on the go, knows how complicated it can be to reach someone who can help.

This is where TJ.Hooker comes into play. No matter if you use the searchlist or map display function, with the help of this app you will find the appropriate contact person for the current problem, with just 2 clicks. For this, we have developed a contact-making process that maximizes privacy. How this is ensured is explained in the app.

Also TJ. Hooker uses, via an interface, the advantages of the MAMA offline cards.

The App TJ.Hooker and associated service are temporarily unavailable due to the reworking of interfaces and adaptation to the EU GDPR!






Watch GEOFriends

THE success tool of our app series.

Watch GEOFriends shows which of your contacts from the friendslist found which geocache. Of course, you can also directly see the corresponding log, cache reviews and optionally also uploaded images.
Or look which of your friends is going to an event that you would also like to visit, and plan carpooling with the calendar extension of Watch GEOFriends.
And so that you do not miss any log entry of your friends, the app send requests to the groundspeak database in a rhythm defined by you, and informs you about new entries.

To prevent unwanted “tracking”, we offer the ability to block your own account at Groundspeak for this app, on the following page.
More on this >>>





MAMA – MapManaging

Not only for geocachers.

This offline map management is just incredible. In a logically directory structure you will find the offline maps of all countries of the world. Larger countries are also available in subdivisions (USA, for example, as a total map or maps of the individual states) – and always up to date.
The maps are based on the OpenStreetMap maps and are provided by us monthly updated. MAMA shows you if you have the latest version of a map on your smartphone.

And MAMA places the map material (with plain text display of the map name) directly into all PHANAX apps that use maps.







Choosing the right caches made easy!

Every geocacher has his own preferences when it comes to the different types of caches.
Some like climbing caches, others prefer to travel at night or with their family, and others like to geocaching just “the fast spot” on a trail.
AMAZE shows Geocaches exactly according to these criteria. Regardless of whether it is a Tradi, Multi, Mystery, or any of the other geocaching types. Searchdirectly around your position or simply enter a location, an area, or a point of interest in the search box, and AMAZE will find the best geocaches for you.
Create a GPX file with just one click and use it in a geocaching search program of your choice. Once you’ve found your favorite cache, you can log it in AMAZE, categorize it, and … DETAILED VOTED!

The App AMAZE and associated service are temporarily unavailable due to the reworking of interfaces and adaptation to the EU GDPR!