Adventures everywhere

with this claim and the goal “Einfach spielend begeistern – Simply playfully inspire (analogous translation)”, we have created a platform that allows you to entertain your guests very easily in a playful way.

With cachegames we deliver games tailored to your needs
on topics that you set yourself.

cachegames offer a variety of play approaches and are ideally suited for use on private grounds.
Whether you want to organize a treasure hunt, a guide or a quiz – cachegames are suitable for almost every game variant outdoors.

Just “Aventures everywhere”!



BUT … Surely, you ask yourself now:

What are cachegames?

Cachegames are adventure games that are about completing a mission, solving a puzzle or finding a hiding place. The players are guided to stations with various tasks. For example, imagine a combination of the popular games “Scavenger Hunt” and “Who Wants to Be a Millionaire”. Curious for a little game?

So take advantage of cachegames…

to entertain Your Guests
for guided tours or hikes
at training & knowledge transfer
as attention winning tool for your issue
for many more applications








Who does what in these games?

Players use the free and ad-free app “cachegames”, download the games for their location,
and play your games regardless of the internet.

As a provider, you plan and realize, together with us, the stories, process and implementation of your games to the
locations you specify.

PHANAX supports you in the complete planning phase, during the implementation on site and in the active phase of the cachegames.
We provide the personalized app and generated games for download, and provide you with promotional and game material when needed.



How do cachegames work?

cachegames are so-called LBG (Location Based Games), ie location-dependent games.
In order to trigger an action in the game, therefore the player must go to certain places.

To find these places, the player needs
+ a GPS and Bluetooth enabled smartphone / tablet with operating system from Android 4.2 or IOS 8.0
+ an Internet / WI-FI access for downloading the app and games
+ the app cachegames, which he can download for free in the respective AppStore
+Your game file, which we provide for download
After that, cachegames can be played completely offline!

Depending on which types of games you provide, players can start now.
Currently we offer 3 different cachegame types:


























With these cachegames types you can create an incredible number of scenarios.

Whether your guests are chasing a ghost on a knight’s castle or finding a pirate’s treasure in a water park,
whether you want to stimulate your visitors on a trail or in a tourist attraction with a quiz,
cachegames can do this in a fun way.

Maybe you also want to train your employees differently, or make team building interactive.
This can be implemented without any problems with cachegames, too!



How much does it cost to host such games?

Because cachegames are almost always unique, the price depends on your requirements for the games.

We also like to offer you a low-cost entry-level package, so that you can try cachegames without much cost.
Please contact us. With pleasure we advise you in detail, and make you a suitable offer.



Why use cachegames?

We would like to list everything which makes cachegames so attractive right here, but we restrict ourselves to the following points:

+ Cachegames can be used on any Arial and – unique worldwide – also in buildings
+ Entertainment for your guests without increased staff costs
+ A low-cost attraction also to visitors-weak times
+ Easy-and-intuitive-to-use app and games
+ Flexible design and execution of the games adapted to your needs
+ Quick implementation of changes and expansion of the games
+ No hardware and maintenance costs (exceptions are specially designed stations)


Have you become curious?

Then contact us and make an appointment for a personal consultation. We are happy to send you our brochure with further information.

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